September 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Growing up, Stephanie always had a love for animals. Whether it was finding loose dogs and reuniting them with their owners or helping baby birds hatch without their mother, saving animals has always been in her blood.
When a friend reached out to her about Emma Frost who was on death row for having some bad teeth, Stephanie couldn’t say no. That is how the relationship with Paw Patrol began. Stephanie helps vaccinate the puppies, microchip (that credit should really go to her husband Brad!), find volunteers, plan fundraisers and whatever needs done.  She is an absolute team player and has already proved invaluable in her short time with Paw Patrol.
Stephanie has 3 daughters, a husband, a job and 4 dogs of her own, in addition to whatever fosters she has at the time. After rescuing over 95 dogs, it now seems clear they actually rescued her.

Some of Our Proud Supporters