September 2015 Volunteer Spotlight

Lyndia is a special volunteer to Paw Patrol.  A few years ago, she reached out to us for a little assistance with her two dogs, and in return, she has decided to pay it forward.  Lyndia is always trying to think of ways she can get the word of Paw Patrol into her community – from including our brochures in “back to school night” packets to handing out information at a neighborhood block party.  She has gone out on Outreach with us and last year at our yard sale she was very helpful in recruiting customers.  We absolutely love the fact Lyndia has become part of our team and we can’t thank her enough.  When we asked Lyndia to write a few paragraphs for us to spotlight her, she chose to use this opportunity as an educational one.  Lyndia wanted to share a very sad story of her dog in the hopes someone else will learn from it:


“I have loved dogs ever since I was a little girl. Much of my childhood was spent with my grandmother in a rural Kentucky farm house.  It is here where my uncle made sure I always had a dog as a companion as I ran the Kentucky hills.  Even though I had a playhouse, people could always find me in my dog’s dog house.  I continued to have a love for dogs as I grew into adulthood and have always had a dog as a pet most of my life.  One of my dogs, Casey, even lived to be 15 years, or 105 dog years!  But it was not until the hot summer of 2011 that I made the biggest mistake in my life; it was not until then the unthinkable happen.  The mistake was leaving my pedigree full breed boxer named Mufusa outside on a chain.  I had taken him outside for a restroom break and hooked him on the chain when the phone rang.  I got to talking and did not realize how long I had been on the phone and when I went to check on him there he laid lifeless by his dog house in the hot sun. I started to scream and ran around the house shaking my head and crying, and even as I type this note, I am crying. It still hurts really, really bad, and I am so sorry for making such a stupid and careless mistake. If only there had been a fence in my yard, he could have gotten himself out the hot sun. Please do all you can to support Paw Patrol so they can help dogs be safe.”

Some of Our Proud Supporters