October 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Kim and Ricki are somewhat new to our organization, but they have already done so much in that short time.  Not only have they become foster parents for our organization, they have helped in multiple other ways.  Kim recently designed two different t-shirts for us, while Ricki has helped create “Adopt Me” billboards, attended fundraisers, and helped with administrative tasks.  We are truly grateful for awesome volunteers like them!

Read below to see why they say they got involved with Paw Patrol:

“After the passing last year of our amazing rescue dog Pepper, there was a place in our hearts that wanted to be filled.  Not feeling we were ready to fill the void quite yet, an opportunity presented itself to save some puppies and fill a little bit of that void.  One day Brandi, Paw Patrol’s director, told us there was a pregnant dog and the owner didn’t want the puppies. We knew we couldn’t let the babies down.  Kim jumped in her car and rushed to the vet.  Fortunately, Paw Patrol was able to convince the owner to let us keep the mom until the puppies didn’t need her anymore.  The day after we brought the mom home, the babies were born and they were SO cute!  We have always had a love for all animals and hope to foster more in the future.”

Mama and her adorable babies!

Some of Our Proud Supporters