November 2015 Volunteer Spotlight

Luke has been involved with Paw Patrol since we first started.  He does a little bit of everything, including helping deliver doghouses and supplies, fence building, events, and fundraising.


Raise Your Brush fundraiser
           Raise Your Brush fundraiser


When asked why he volunteers for Paw Patrol, he said, “I volunteer for Paw Patrol because I love animals. Paw Patrol is dedicated to helping animals and this is evident by the actions of its volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure everyone who needs help gets it. I can truly say each Paw Patrol volunteer is dedicated to what they do and love animals as much as I do.”

Fence Building
       Fence Building (Luke is in the center)


We truly appreciate Luke’s dedication and hard work, which helps make a difference in the lives of dogs in the Dayton area!

Some of Our Proud Supporters