March 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

During the month of March, we would like to take a moment and congratulate Shaun on his accomplishment of being named our volunteer of the month.  Shaun recently told us a little bit about himself and why he volunteers with Paw Patrol:

My father was active duty as a nurse in the Air Force for 23 years, so growing up as a military dependent, I have lived in many different states, as well as overseas.  Ohio has been my home since eighth grade and I attended and graduated two colleges both from Ohio, as well: Xavier University and Wright State University. My entire family is from Pittsburgh so we are very passionate and competitive Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Paw Patrol volunteer, Shaun McGough

I have always had at least one dog at all times growing up sometimes more than one. I rescued my first dog, Reilly after graduating college back in 2001. I have always believed volunteerism is an important service one should participate in if one’s situation permits.  With that being said, I linked up with the ASPCA in 2011 after the massive F5 tornado hit Joplin, MO to provide much needed humanitarian relief for a little over a week in the impact zone. That experience left me with a great personal connection of being able to work with animals.  I always have wanted to get back to helping animals, especially dogs. I started volunteering with Paw Patrol in the beginning of the year because I was taking some time off this year from my busy career in health care to refocus energy on meaningful experiences, family, and service work.  Not only have I been able to give back to Paw Patrol but they have also given back to me. I have adopted one of the dogs I transported from a shelter into our family – a Husky/Shepherd mix named Chance (previously Cody). He has been the greatest addition to our family and he and our Bernese Mountain Dog, Brinkley, have truly become best friends, so the experience has just completely come full circle in every way possible.

We are very thankful Shaun found us and has chosen to dedicate his time to helping us better the lives of dogs in our community.  From transporting dogs from shelters, to taking dogs to the vet, and helping at events, Shaun is a great asset to the Paw Patrol family.  Thanks so much, Shaun!

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