March 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Lisa is one of our newer volunteers and we are so excited to have her on board! She has lived in Huber Heights most of her life and works for Time Warner Cable.  She shares a love for animals with her 12-year old granddaughter. Currently, she has three dogs: Sookie, an American Pitbull; Copper, a beagle; and Sherman, a big bad who knows what! 😉

Lisa's three babies
Lisa’s three babies

Lisa discovered Paw Patrol through a family member who followed us on Facebook.  One of the biggest reasons she enjoys volunteering is because we were able to help her out a  few summers ago and she wanted to give back.  She stated, “Paw Patrol is a great organization and their efforts make a big difference.  I like being a small part of that!”  Well, we like it too, Lisa.  Thank you so much for your service and we greatly appreciate your work.

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