July 2018 Volunteer Spotlight

This month we would like to take a moment to highlight the Ritter’s for their volunteer service to Paw Patrol. John has done everything from photography to transport to marketing for us, and Jill is always right there to help with anything we need.

John is a retired field service engineer who worked in the 3-D printing field—he is a veteran that served in the Navy for 6 years. He is an accomplished photographer, primarily focusing on action sports photos including Ohio State Football, Columbus Crew Soccer, and Ohio High School sporting events. Jill is a Deputy Division Chief with the Air Force Research Laboratory, with over 34 years’ experience with the Department of Defense. She attended Wright State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering—followed by a MS in Environmental Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology. Both are lifelong Dayton area Ohio residents; John grew up in Tipp City while Jill grew up in Englewood Ohio. They live in Phillipsburg, Ohio along with their pack of six dogs. Although the pack consists mainly of senior citizen Dachshunds:

  • Moose (16)
  • Spanky (15)
  • Willy (11)
  • Guri(8)

They also rescued a pit bull 2 years ago (Brixx-from Miami Valley Pit Crew) and most recently Marla Hooch (formerly Sweet Pea from Paw Patrol). They enjoy camping in their 5th wheel camper throughout the Spring through Fall seasons — all of the dogs are experienced campers. They also enjoy taking Brixx and Marla to local events, letting them socialize with other dogs and the public.

When asked why they volunteer with Paw Patrol, Jill said

“We joined Paw Patrol because we believed in the mission of the organization. And more of a factor than the mission, was the heart of every volunteer and foster making up Paw Patrol. We knew we wanted to help—this feeling was affirmed after pulling a couple of scared dogs from the local shelter and placing them into the foster homes you provide. Since then we have seen firsthand the effort Paw Patrol volunteers put into finding a safe place for every dog it can. In our case, fostering is impossible with our summer travel schedule and the health of our senior dogs; however, we have found our role in bolstering the mission of the organization through photographic campaigns and the development of updated informational resources for potential adopters.”

Thank you both for all you do for the dogs of our community!

Some of Our Proud Supporters