July 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

This July we would like to give a big thank to Bobbie for being a dedicated volunteer and foster parent. She started out by writing all the thank you cards for us, but then expanded into other areas, including fostering. She takes great care of her hospice foster dog, Snow White, and is eager to learn and help in other areas. Bobbie recently told us a little bit about herself:

Being a volunteer and foster for Paw Patrol Dayton is so satisfying, I wish I had started earlier. I thought retirement would be spent traveling and exploring Ohio after moving here four years ago. But, of course by then, the grandkids were almost grown and we love the time we get to spend with them. But, my husband and I are happy to help this organization and would rather do this than anything else. Our second dog turned out to be our hospice foster and we wouldn’t trade her for anything. And the mange
puppy we were babysitting for her foster mom, is now ours, along with our 10 year old rescue.

We are very happy Bobbie has chosen Paw Patrol Dayton as the organization she volunteers her time to help and we hope you will also give her a big shout out, also!

Some of Our Proud Supporters