July 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Richelle began fostering for us earlier this year.  So far she has fostered three dogs for us and she does wonderful work with them.  Her skills in training dogs are being put to use with one of her current fosters, Miss Simba.  Simba is a great dog who was never taught manners a young age.  Richelle is working with her and is going to be the reason this sweet girl eventually gets a great home!  Richelle had the following to say:

“I’ve always loved dogs but didn’t realize until about 8 years ago that I have a knack for working with them. It wasn’t until I volunteered at the local shelter that I found my passion for helping dogs with their behavior issues. It was during my time at the local shelter that I met Brandi. After meeting her I started following Paw Patrol on Facebook. I really like all they do & how they help the community. When a dog came up that needed a foster home, I offered to take her, and the rest is history as they say. I volunteer with a few different animal rescues. I also train & do behavior modification, as well as, dog boarding in my home. I’ve rescued many dogs in the past 8 years & helped many more find homes. I currently have 4 dogs, all adopted, Gabby (boxer), Ziva (Pitbull), Ms. Tilly (Doberman) & Brutus (husky/shepherd). I generally adopt the dogs with the behavior issues that make them difficult to adopt. I’ve learned so much from working with dogs, not just about dogs but also about myself.”


RichellesDogs_July 16


We are so grateful for Richelle and wish we had 10 more of her 🙂

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