January 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Our family is honored to be recognized as Paw Patrol’s Volunteers of the Month for January 2016. We are committed to doing all we can to help animals to stay healthy and happy and find good, safe, and loving forever homes.

The four humans — Elizabeth, Tim, Hendrix and Stormy —  and 7 animals that share our North Dayton home include four beautiful dogs named Bony, Paco, Baby, and Savannah, 2 cats and a yellow-collared macaw. Savannah, our newest addition, is our “foster fail”, we laughingly tell our friends; she was a foster who we fell in love with and wound up adopting as a permanent member of our family (she is pictured below sitting on Santa’s lap). After adopting Savannah, we fostered Whisper — now rechristened Sugar — a beautiful white female mix (pictured above). Deaf and rescued by Paw Patrol from a kill shelter in Hillsboro, she is now a happy member of a loving family in Clark County.

Savi seeing Santa
             Savi visiting Santa

At the present time, we are fostering another dog through Paw Patrol — John John, a wonderful 8-year-old poodle mix — and he has fully recovered from his recent oral surgery and neutering. We’re glad to be able to nurse him back to health and provide this great little guy a safe and friendly stop on his journey to a new home.

Tim and Johnny
                          Tim and Johnny
We want to thank Brandi and Paw Patrol for giving us the opportunity to help our furry friends. Being a foster family has enabled us to experience the love and loyalty of a variety of dogs, and while there’s always a small feeling of loss when it’s time to send a foster dog on to a new family, that feeling is more than made up for when you see them settle in and become a member of a new forever home.
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