February 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

I’m a crazy cat lady (currently have 8 cats, 7 are rescues that really aren’t adoptable so they’re mine now). Cats in need find me, but for some reason dogs never do. I’ve rescued a total of 3 dogs in my entire life, and that’s every dog that crossed my path in need! Seems every cat in the world can find me but not the dogs and I love them.

Margaret, Paw Patrol Dayton volunteer

I’m a nerdy web developer who doesn’t have great social skills but I’m online a lot and Paw Patrol caught my eye. I liked how they conducted themselves. I liked that they weren’t breed specific, they rescued mutts and mixes and purebreds. I liked that they didn’t just rescue the dogs that would be easy to rehome; they took dogs that needed expensive care and dogs with special needs. I liked how they worked with people to help them keep their dogs, and helped them get their dogs off chains.

Basically, they were everything a rescue should be, and I have very high standards! So when I saw they needed a webmaster I volunteered because it allowed me to help the dogs some too, in my own way. I really like that I can volunteer for them and never have to be in public.

Some years later I’m still here, doing as much as I can —which is regrettably not as much as they need—because this is a good group to be with, and they put up with me. But I could use some help. If there are any antisocial nerdy WordPress front-end developers out there who would like to volunteer their services (or even social, non-nerdy developers), please contact the rescue. I need you and so do they!

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