February 2017 Volunteer Spotlight

Elizabeth is our February volunteer of the month.  She is one of our dedicated puppy fosters and we truly appreciate all she does for our organization.  Elizabeth recently had the following to say:

“I have always been a dog lover. My grandparents had a large farm in Southeastern Ohio, my parents own it now, and it’s a place where many locals dump unwanted animals. I grew up around litters of puppies and kittens being born & needing to find homes for them, so helping with fosters until they find homes seems very natural to me. A little over 2 years ago, we got a puppy from a rescue group in Cincinnati, SAAP. I wanted to help them, but after one foster & lots of trips to & from Cincinnati for adoption events, I saw it was too far. When my son was in second grade, his class was doing fund raisers, wanting to donate to local charities. As a regular classroom volunteer, I was asked to help find a charity that had to do with animals. I had seen Paw Patrol on FB, asking for donations. My sons class ended up raising lots of money, and Paw Patrol got some nice toys for the outside dogs that need it the most. Months later, I saw a puppy that just touched my heart. He was being given away on FB, and I just felt like he needed my help. I got him, but with 3 dogs already, wasn’t looking to add another permanently to my house. Paw Patrol graciously agreed to help me help the puppy! Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to foster several more puppies. Paw Patrol gives me an opportunity to help needy dogs, as well as teach my two children some valuable lessons in giving! We love seeing puppies come (and go, lol)! The most rewarding moment is handing a puppy to its new family – we love that part! We’ve been fortunate enough to have adopters that stay in touch and send pics! We see ourselves as being able to lend a helping hand to get a sweet baby in the right place. It’s always hard to let a puppy go, but we know going in, that we are only a short stop on their way to a long happy life! I appreciate Paw Patrol & other groups that help animals have better lives! I am happy to do just a little bit to help.”

Thank you Elizabeth for your time and commitment to helping save dogs in our community!

Elizabeth’s prior foster puppies

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