February 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Our February Volunteer of the Month is Kristina Middelstetter, who graciously has donated her time and energy to help Paw Patrol.  Please read a little about Kristina and why she chooses to help out our organization:

“I guess you could say I’ve been in animal rescue since I was 7 years old. At that young age, I was “kidnapping” chained dogs out of yards and rescuing stray cats and bringing them home. My parents were always less than thrilled, but that never stopped me.

Kristina Feb 16

I’ve worked at veterinary clinic, boarding kennels, pet retail stores, and dog grooming salons my entire working life. When I apprenticed to become a dog groomer, I knew I had found my niche. Some people don’t think dog groomers can be a “hero” to dogs, but those people have never released a dog from the prison of a matted coat, clipped toenails out of a paw pad, or cleaned out an impacted ear. Dog grooming is just as necessary to a pet’s health as medical care and a safe place to call home.

Through the years, I have saved and fostered countless animals. Mostly cats. Where most turn a blind eye and say “someone else will take care of them” I realized I am that someone. So, along with my 7 cats and 2 dogs, we have invited many “guests” into our home while they wait to move on to their permanent residence.

Kristina 3_Feb 16

When my co-owners and I decided to open Oregon Tails Pet Salon, I knew I wanted to use the business to help local animal rescues and causes. I wanted to help lesser known organizations, that may not have the notoriety or funds that a lot of the larger, locally owned shelter have. I saw an ad for a Paw Patrol volunteer meeting in the Dayton City Paper, and reached out to Brandi to offer our grooming services, financial help, and help with publicity for their cause. Chained, outside dogs have always been something I’ve never fully understood, and I knew this organization was trying to help these dogs, while providing resources to their families, and trying their best to leave the pets in their home.

I am always honored when we are contacted by Paw Patrol to groom a dog in need. Sometimes it’s a person who doesn’t have the means or money to do it on their own, and other times, it’s a foster dog they have who is getting ready to go up for adoption. We love making these pets beautiful and appealing so they can quickly find a forever home.

I feel the relationship between Paw Patrol and Oregon Tails is a great one. And I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to work with. We all have the same goal in mind…Help pets lead better lives.

Kristina_Oregon Tails Feb 16

Thank you, Paw Patrol for what you do and for allowing me and my business to be part of it. And thank you for allowing me to foster Sara, even if it didn’t last a week before she was a permanent member of our home (now called Trilly.)”

Some of Our Proud Supporters