August 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Jodi has been one of our dedicated volunteers for quite some time.  She started volunteering for us after finding a german shepherd tied to a fence and knowing she wanted to help him have a better life.  She actually found a new home for that dog and ever since, she has been helping Paw Patrol better the lives of many other dogs in our community.  She is involved in our outreach efforts, where volunteers visit owners and try to convince them to let us help them and their furry family members.  This job is not for the faint of heart and Jodi has always done it very willingly.  She and her family have also opened their home to foster dogs that would otherwise be homeless.  Currently, she has one of our extremely ill dogs, Gabriel Jackson, in her care.  Jodi, her husband, and her three children live in Franklin and currently have two permanent furry family members.  We are so thankful for volunteers like Jodi because without them, we wouldn’t exist!  Thank you, Jodi – your efforts are greatly appreciated!!

Jodi with all the dogs she has rescued :)
Jodi with all the dogs she has rescued 🙂

Some of Our Proud Supporters