April 2020 Volunteer of the Month

During April, we want to take a minute and highlight Holly as our volunteer of the month. Holly started volunteering with us about a year ago and she has been a wonderful addition to our team.  She fosters dogs, processes adoption applications, and helps out on our fundraising committee.

When asked why Holly chose to spend her valuable time helping out Paw Patrol pups, she said, “I volunteer for Paw Patrol because I want to save dogs. I knew I wanted to start fostering once I bought my own place and was finally able to last year. I’ve been following a lot of rescues for years. I also talked to people who volunteer for rescues at events like the Furry Scurry and Paw Patrol was the best fit. I’ve always loved dogs and cats. I grew up on a farm and people would dump cats in our barn and I used to find homes for them, so rescue has been a way of life for a long time. On a shallow note, there are a lot of breeds of dogs I’d like to have and I figure that if I foster, I’ll get the opportunity to have some of those breeds for a little while. I’m also hoping to get more people involved in fostering so we can get more dogs and cats out of shelters and into forever homes.”

We truly appreciate everything you do, Holly, and are happy to have you in the Paw Patrol pack!

Some of Our Proud Supporters