April 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Shawn and Brittney are an engaged couple with a huge love of dogs. Shawn works as an IT specialist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Brittney is a physician assistant who works in geriatrics. They recently said, “With both of us growing up in houses with dogs, it was a matter of weeks after purchasing our home that we decided we needed to adopt a dog. Our dog Coco, is a pitbull who we rescued from another local rescue agency after he spent the first 3 years of his life chained to a concrete slab in the middle of his former owners backyard. We came to be involved with Paw Patrol on MLK Jr. Day when Shawn responded to a Facebook post stating that Paw Patrol was in need of people to deliver dog houses and straw to doggies that were stuck outside in the sub-zero weather. The day ended with Shawn coming home with dog houses as well as a new member of the Paw Patrol family….Wilma. We are currently fostering Wilma who is being treated for heartworms. Volunteering for Paw Patrol was really a no-brainer for us. We are passionate about the idea that dogs should be members of the family and thus they do not belong chained outside in the elements. This is exactly what Paw Patrol stands for and why we are honored to be a part of the organization.

Brittany_Apr 16Shawn_Apr 16

Some of Our Proud Supporters