November 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

Karen is a great resource to the animal rescue community.  She has been saving dogs since she was a little girl and she runs our community’s largest lost and found site for pets on Facebook.  Karen first got involved with Paw Patrol while trying to trap a dog roaming in a Kettering neighborhood.  Sweet Rosie, as we called her, ended up finding a wonderful home thanks to Karen’s hard work in trapping her and our generous supporters allowing us to take care of her until her home was found. She also fostered Vance, another stray dog taken on by Paw Patrol.  She currently has 4 of her own dogs and opens her home to countless stray dogs, when needed.  Karen stated she helps Paw Patrol because she cares about the welfare of chained or unwanted dogs in our community and wants to help make a difference.

Vance - one of Karen's Paw Patrol fosters
Vance – one of Karen’s Paw Patrol fosters
Rosie - the dog that brought Karen to Paw Patrol
Rosie – the dog that brought Karen to Paw Patrol

Some of Our Proud Supporters