January 2017 Volunteer Spotlight

Kayla is our January volunteer of the month.  She has helped us out in many different roles, most often as a foster parent.  Here is a little bit about Kayla and why she volunteers her time to help Paw Patrol:

“I’m 22 and work as a software quality assurance analyst, I also attend grad school full time and have 2 sweet huskies (and 2 kitties!) who keep me very busy. My biggest passion in life is working with animals. Two of my earliest memories as a child are feeding an injured Cardinal cheerios out behind my house until it was well enough to fly again and rescuing a tiny kitten out of a dumpster. I grew up with dogs and showed in county 4H for 10 years. I volunteered at the humane society during high school; the feelings of showing a neglected, stray, or homeless animal love, reuniting a lost animal with their family, or finding a puppy a perfect new home are the best feelings in the world. Paw Patrol has given me opportunities to save shelter babies who without a foster would have been put to sleep.  There are so many ways to help animals and make a difference in our community – I love working with Paw Patrol!”

Rey, one of her fosters
Nya, another foster dog

We are very thankful for volunteers like Kayla.  As you can see she is definitely busy, but still makes time to help out a charity that needs her.  Thank you so much for your time and dedication, Kayla!!

Zeus and Atlas, her pups

Some of Our Proud Supporters