Interested in our rescue dogs? The process of adopting a dog from us is simple. 

  1. Browse our Adoptable Dogs list.
  2. If you see one you’re interested in, click the button to apply for that dog.
  3. We will process your application.
  4. After you are approved, we will schedule a time for you and the dog to meet each other!
  5. In the event that you don’t choose the dog after all, you will still be an approved adopter and able to schedule other Meet & Greet sessions.

Our rescue is an all (unpaid) volunteer organization. For each application we receive it takes us approximately 3 hours to review, contact all personal and veterinary references, and make a decision on approval of it. Depending upon volunteer availability, this can take us several days to accomplish, especially when we receive many applications or if we have difficulties reaching references. Your patience is appreciated!

Meet Our Adoptable Dogs!


Single, Lovable, Female looking for Companion and Best Friend. Harlowe isn't picky when it comes to love. She is interested in singles, married couples, and even families with older kids. Harlowe enjoys taking walks, going on car rides, kayaking, swimming, and just hanging out. She is amazing at sharing the covers, at helping you watch your calorie intake by taking care of your left over pizza crust, and letting you binge watch what you want to watch on Netflix... even when it isn't what she would have chosen. Harlowe walks well on the leash, knows several commands, is house broken, crate trained and one of the biggest lovers ever. Harlowe is looking for that special home where she can receive all the attention she wants and not have to share it with other dogs... unless it is a puppy... and then she will make an exception. Harlowe is a 5 & 1/2 year old Pit Bull mix and has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed, and is heartworm negative. Harlowe's adoption fee is $150. To meet Harlowe and learn more about our adoption process, go to

Adoption fee: $150

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If you are looking for a big fluffy guy to call your best buddy, then look no further because Buddy is here! This large Collie mix is exactly all that. At 87 lbs he’s definitely big and more fluff than he knows what to do with! This 7 year old gentleman landed in a rural shelter after his owner passed away. Like any loyal companion Buddy stayed right by his owner’s side until people arrived to help. The vet says Buddy is a little too big and could stand to shed a few pounds, however he does have hypothoyroidism and will need to be on a daily medication for life. He will need some exercise in short amounts as he will overheat pretty easily and his diet will need to be watched. Buddy is good with dogs with proper introduction and once they are friends will share his toys with them. Buddy is house trained and crate trained. Poor Buddy is absolutely terrified of storms though and will need an understanding adopter to help him through those scary times. Buddy will need regular grooming and brushing to keep his beautiful coat looking great. Buddy’s adoption fee is $150 and you can apply for him at Buddy is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and heartworm tested. Update: As of 11 July 2109, Buddy has lost 13 lbs being on his thyroid medicine and is doing wonderfully!!!

Adoption fee: $150

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Prepare to fall in love with your new best friend! Sweet, friendly Saffron will charm you with her beautiful smile, mesmerizing eyes, and fun-loving, playful spirit. Saffron is full of personality and simply loves everyone she meets! She is pretty adaptable to whatever you have planned for the day – she enjoys playing with her toys, being loved on by her people, or going for a walk with you to show off her leash walking skills. Just want to relax and spend a day lounging? Saffron is your girl. She knows how to kick back and enjoy a lazy afternoon binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. At eight years young, her vision is not what it used to be and she needs daily dry eye meds, however, Saffron gets around very well. Saffron is also a great neighbor. She enjoys quietly playing in her fenced yard while you’re doing your human stuff around the house and she does not feel the need to sound the alarm at every squirrel or falling leaf! Easily adaptable Saffron will be a great companion and cuddle buddy as your only dog or she will enjoy joining a family with fur-siblings to play with too. Saffron would appreciate eating separately from other fur-siblings at meal time though to avoid any confusion about sharing. She still gets very excited to get treats (who doesn’t?) and hasn’t quite mastered taking them gently yet, so it is best no small children feed her until she has that figured out. Saffron is a very smart girl, is crate-trained and house-trained with regular breaks. While some people complain about routines, Saffron flourishes with routine and structure and actually prefers it. This Pit Bull breed is a beauty and an absolute joy to have around! Is Saffron the new best friend you’ve been looking for? She would love to meet you! Saffron’s adoption fee is $150 and she is available for adoption at She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. Adoption fee: $150

Adoption fee: $150

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Charley is one of the most friendly dogs you will ever meet! He would be an amazing hiking buddy or running partnet and might even like canoeing, camping, and the park. This smart boy wasn't taught many manners in his 4 years of life... but is so eager to please and a quick learner. Charley is learning how to walk on a leash, how to sit, and how to keep all four on the floor. He can't wait for you to continue teaching him how amazing life can be as an indoor dog. Charley is already doing great with house training and is learning to like his crate. He does wonderfully with with foster dog and cat siblings, however... he can use direction with other dogs that aren't well balanced and try to challenge him. Charley is likely a Labrador Retriever mixed possibly with Border Collie and a big cuddle bug! Charley's adoption fee is $200 and he is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and microchipped. You can fill out an application for him at

Adoption fee: $200

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Hawking is a 2.5 year old poodle mix who was hit by a car in January. This means he does not have the ability to walk, but it doesn't slow him down for one second. He cruises in his wheelchair just as fast as any dog can run. He also does have some level of incontinence, but it is easily managed with belly bands and some other basic care. This little guy is as happy as can be and loves to play with toys. He does fine with other dogs, but we do not recommend he lives with any small children who may not understand his special needs. Hawking is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm negative, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $150 and you can fill out an application on our website at Note: He will come with his wheelchair and some other supplies he uses daily. We are happy to answer any questions about Hawking's care.

Adoption fee: $

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Barley is a 14-month-old cuddler who just wants to make some friends. This 60 pound guy will lick you, hug you, and cuddle you all day long! Barley is a friendly Pit Bull Terrier that is very intelligent and responding very well to his training commands. He is also crate trained, fully housebroken and good with cats. Meeting new people and playing with other dogs are his two favorite things but is still learning the ropes when it comes to how to play like a dog, so socializing is a must for this extrovert! Barley is a quiet sweetheart who loves kisses, snuggles, rides in the car, and long walks through the neighborhood. Barley's adoption fee is $200 and you may apply to adopt him at. He is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $200

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Pinky is a fast-moving 10-week-old terrier puppy with a lot of snuggles to give! She needs proper puppy training since she is just a baby and is still rather feisty but she is a total sweetheart. One of Pinky’s favorite things to do is play outside and with other (much larger) dogs. Her needs include plenty of toys and cuddles and she will give them in return. Take the plunge and adopt Pinky into your heart and home today! Adoption fee: $300

Adoption fee: $300

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Louie is a scruffy but handsome little nine-year-old poodle with a heart of gold! He is a big snuggler with great manners. Louie is potty trained and respects the property of others as he is not a big chewer. While he is not the biggest fan of cats, he enjoys the company of other dogs and people. He also doesn’t entirely enjoy his crate and can be pretty vocal about it, but he is learning to love it! Louie is the perfect companion for anyone who likes to relax with a little snuggle buddy, and he would love to be the tiny friend for you! Louie is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm negative. Adoption fee: $150

Adoption fee: $

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