Interested in our rescue dogs? The process of adopting a dog from us is simple. 

  1. Browse our Adoptable Dogs list.
  2. If you see one you’re interested in, click the button to apply for that dog.
  3. We will process your application.
  4. After you are approved, we will schedule a time for you and the dog to meet each other!
  5. In the event that you don’t choose the dog after all, you will still be an approved adopter and able to schedule other Meet & Greet sessions.

Our rescue is an all (unpaid) volunteer organization. For each application we receive it takes us approximately 3 hours to review, contact all personal and veterinary references, and make a decision on approval of it. Depending upon volunteer availability, this can take us several days to accomplish, especially when we receive many applications or if we have difficulties reaching references. Your patience is appreciated!

Meet Our Adoptable Dogs!


Saffron is a friendly, fun-loving, playful girl that loves everyone she meets. All she's ever wanted is a forever home with a warm bed and a human that loves her. This beautiful girl's favorite things to do is to be with her people, play with toys and other dogs. She's pretty easy going, low maintenance, and the undeniable Queen of Cuddling. Saffron is house and crate trained and has also mastered the fine art of kicking back and relaxing. What joy she brings when she makes a funny little snort sounds that you will find quite hilarious. Years of breeding and neglect are behind her now but did leave her with less than perfect vision caused by a dry eye condition. It’s easily treatable though with daily eye drops. She just knows her special person will understand that some days she will struggle to see things clearly; like treats in a hand or occasionally bumping into things. Could you be her special human and her happily-ever-after? Saffron’s adoption fee is $150 and she is available for adoption at She is a Pit Bull Terrier mix that is approximately 8 years old. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $150

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Darkwing is a friendly 6 year-old that loves to chew on bones... even the ones that are a big as his head. He is fairly quiet, but will let you know when you or someone else has arrived. He gets along with dogs of various sizes and ages. He isn't always crazy about bigger dogs when he is out of his comfort zone and feels the need to explain to them he isn't a snack. Darkwing is great on a leash... once you get it on him. In fact he will follow you anywhere as long as the leash is attached but likes to play a game of catch me if you can at times! He occasionally likes to protect his bed from other dogs but will knock it off immediately once corrected. If the other dog is there first he is willing to share and will curl right up next to them. This quirky 16ish pound Chihuahua makes friends easily and would love a home that understands what makes Chihuahua's happy. Darkwing would be better suited for a home without small children and where he can have his own space away from visiting small children. Darkwing is sensitive about being picked up. Darkwing LOVES to snuggle and especially get under the covers. In a bed by himself he will pull the blankets up and over himself completely so it just looks like a pile of blankets. Darkwing had luxating patella surgery back in November followed by 8 weeks of crate rest. Unfortunately, his ACL became torn during this period and it was decided to remove his leg rather than put him through another extensive surgery and another 8 weeks of crate rest. He is getting around just fine on 3 legs but his ability to do big steps or multiple steps is gone. Darkwing will need a home with very little steps or a person willing to carry him up and down. Due to his crate rest his house training needs some fine tuning again. Darkwing is now ready to find his forever home where he can spend a lot of time snuggling with you and enjoying tasty chew bones. His adoption fee is $175 and he will be vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heartworm tested before becoming available. You may apply to adopt him at

Adoption fee: $175

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Noels loves her people unconditionally and will melt like butter into their arms. She is a wonderful housemate that is perfectly house trained. She is also kennel trained but doesn't need one as she prefers to simply nap while you are away and isn't the least bit destructive. Noel loves to play fetch and has great toy manners. She plays well with other dogs but prefers slow intros to make sure the other dog is going to play nice. She doesn't even mind cats. Noel is a grade A snuggler that loves to sleep at the foot of your bed if you'll let her. Noel can be a bit shy at first but once she warms up to you she is as cuddly and sweet as can be. This amazing American Staffordshire Terrier mix is approximately 5 years old and is affectionately known as possum butt due to the hair loss she had when she came to us. Noel's beautiful brindle hair is growing in quite nicely and does not require any special medications... just normal flea prevention. She is a very special girl that just loves to be near her people and will do anything to show them just how much they mean to her. Noel is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $150 and you can apply to adopt her at

Adoption fee: $150

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Journey’s life has not been an easy one. She spent her first two years of life in a frightening and horrific puppy mill being used to birth puppies for the mill owner’s profit. Her mind is scarred from her past and is terrified of life in general. Being in foster care for the last 2 months, she is learning that not everything is as scary as it once seemed to be. She allows people to pet her and will follow her foster mom around on a leash… though we feel she mostly just does what is asked of her. We don’t know if she is enjoying it at all or just tolerates what comes her way. It is our hopes that someday she will learn to enjoy touch and being with her people. At this point she is simply still in a state of wanting to hide if at all possible. It was just recently safe enough to take her outside so potty training has only begun. She will go on puppy pads much of the time but doesn’t fully understand the concept of where to potty and where not to. She does keep her crate clean though and only potties a couple of times a day. When taken outside she will absolutely try to escape if measures are not carefully taken. She can climb fencing so a secure privacy fence is the safest option for her... though she would likely try to dig out if she was left alone. It is recommended she be leash walked inside a fenced in yard in the beginning. Journey is an interesting girl that is still learning she is safe and loved. She often circles to relieve stress... only to end up right where she began in the first place. She gets along well with cats and other dogs but has yet to try to hang out near them or play. We still want her to go to a home that has another dog or two so she can continue to learn how to be a dog. Many noises or a lot of commotion frightens her so a calmer home would be ideal. Journey is a golden retriever & miniature poodle mix but is super tiny… weighing only 20 pounds. She does well being carried as needed. She goes down stairs carefully but has yet to figure out how to go up them. Journey is going to need someone who is gentle and patient, yet knowledgeable and confident. Someone who will gently push her outside of her comfort zone but also understand she needs a lot of decompression time and give her a space like her crate she can go to when she needs to hide. Progress has been made in her foster home… yet she still has a long way to go and is likely never going to be a normal dog. Adopting a puppy mill survivor is one of the most rewarding and purposeful things you can do. It isn’t without challenges though… therefore we are hoping for a home with prior puppy mill survivor experience. Journey has been given the chance at a new life… and we can’t wait to see where her Journey leads her in this new year. If you would like to follow her journey to see if she might be the one for you, you can type in #NewYearNewJourney into facebook for a daily pupdate from her foster. You may apply to adopt Journey at She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $200.

Adoption fee: $200

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Eve is a very sweet, 8 pound mix of cuteness that enjoys affection. She will come to get lovin's and is very happy to be on your lap or next to you. Eve adores soft blankets and will burrow and bury her head to nap and snuggle. She is perfection in her crate, and will potty on pee pads in there when needed. She is decently house trained but needs to go out a little more frequently than some. This 8ish years young cutie rides well in the car and does well on leash. She loves to be held and carried yet can be quite playful and still has moves like Mick Jagger. Eve loves treats, stuffed Kong’s, and soft/rope style toys. She is a bit of a mystery when it comes to other dogs as they seem to make her a bit uncomfortable but can co-exist pretty well with larger dogs when taking it really slow. Eve would likely chase and bark at cats because little creatures kinda weird her out. We would love to see her be the only pampered pooch in the home. Due to her age we think an older kids home would probably be okay. For now... Eve does require a special diet due to skin issues but it is nothing too challenging and that may change! This girl has no problems letting you know when she wants her dinner and that she likes it pureed. Eve is quite the sweater wearing snuggler and is looking for the perfect cuddle buddy. Eve is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. You can apply to adopt her at and her adoption fee is $125.

Adoption fee: $125

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Mrs. Maisel

Mrs Maisel is so sweet, loving and an amazing snuggler! She is a huge goofball that prances everywhere instead of walking. Maisel is house trained as long as her water intake is cut off in the evenings and is great at letting you know she needs to go out. She use to think it was fun to hump people, dogs, and other things... but takes correction very well and since learning that it isn't very lady like... has pretty much stopped. She is a great jumper but stays in a 4 foot fenced in yard without issues. She isn't fond of her crate as she prefers to be where her people are but is best in a secure one when her people are not home. This sweet girl is doing good after slow intros with her foster siblings and enjoys the company of other dogs. We believe other dogs are a new thing to her so she is great when supervised but learning proper etiquette. She seems to be overtly interested in caged guinea pigs, so we aren't sure how she would do with cats or other small critters. Maisel is super smart and learns things quickly. She has good recall and sits really well. A home with a confident leader and a lot of structure would be really good for her as she does best when she knows exactly what is expected of her. We believe Mrs. Maisel is between 6 and 7 years old and a pit bull terrier mix. You may apply to adopt Maisel at Her adoption fee is $100 and she is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $100

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Burrow is a very sweet and small senior Miniature Pinscher mix who is looking for a cuddle buddy to curl up and stay warm with during these cold days of winter. His favorite way to spend the day is snuggling with his favorite human on the sofa under a nice blanket and soaking up your love and attention. Burrow is house trained with regular potty breaks and is also learning his crate isn’t so bad. Burrow is good on a leash, good with other dogs and has a good health report from the vet. Burrow is now hoping to find a forever family that appreciates the joy this gentle little soul can bring to your home. Could he burrow his way into your heart? You may apply to adopt Burrow at His adoption fee is $75. Burrow is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and heartworm negative. We believe him to be 12ish years old and is 13.6 pounds.

Adoption fee: $75

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Teddie is just a sweet guy with a big heart! This 6 or 7-year-old possible min pin mix loves playing and getting attention! He loves to hide under blankets, have his belly rubbed, and of course snuggle up with his human. Teddie is a friend to all creatures so a multi-animal household is no problem for him. He needs a place where he can have fun and just be a happy little dog so having other animals might be ideal. Teddie does have a special diet as he had bladder stones removed but it is a very manageable plan. He is both house and crate trained that is good even when he isn't crated. Teddie is an easy going 25ish pound fella that just wants to love and be loved. Teddie is neutered, microchipped, heartworm negative, and up to date on his vaccinations. His adoption fee is $150 and you can apply to adopt him at

Adoption fee: $150

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Yoda is a total love bug that would be in your lap all day if you would let him. He is a quick learner and knows sit, stay, take it, come and is working on down and drop it. Yoda walks well on a leash and loves to go for walks and play fetch. He is even great on a 1 mile run and enjoys the outdoors. This sweet boy is crate trained. He is also good with dogs but doesn't feel the need to always play. Since his neuter... he seems to be fully house trained. He takes really well to corrections and a simple "no" or "eh-eh" will do. Yoda is a great dog that will be great in most any home. He does appear to have Heeler in him and tends to have herding tendencies towards young children so a home with older kids would most likely be okay. Yoda is 41 pounds and is believed to be a 2 year old Shepherd-Heeler mix. You may apply to adopt Yoda at His adoption fee is $175 and he will be vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heartworm tested before adoption.

Adoption fee: $175

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Alfred is an older gent looking for a true retirement home. This 11-year-old, 10-pound Shih Tzu mix is the epitome of a lap dog. Other than trips outside to potty and a few walks around the house, he's pretty much a lay around dog. Alfred is a great lap warmer and bed snuggler. Alfred still gets around great and short walks would be fine. Alfred walks well on a leash but does need you to go slow since he has trouble seeing. His sight is limited due to cataracts and his hearing disappeared awhile ago. He's thin and will need to fatten up a bit. Regular grooming will be needed and he's happy to oblige the groomer until they get near his face or rear end. Alfred does well with other dogs, but will put playful pups in their place if they bother him. For those dogs that are not in his face to play, he enjoys cuddling up with them in bed. Alfred isn't fond of small children, possibly because he can't hear or see well. Alfred rides in a car well and doesn't need a crate, just a comfy dog bed and he'll nap the whole way. Alfred does have a grade 3 heart murmur that may eventually need meds, but for now, he's good without them. Alfred just had a dental and now he's all ready for adoption. Alfred will make someone a great constant companion. Apply for him on His adoption fee is $100. He is neutered, heartworm negative, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed.

Adoption fee: $100

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Bella Reena

Isn't this fluffy girl gorgeous?! This beautiful girl is Bella Reena. She is a 6-year-old quiet Akita and she is super sweet! Not sure of the circumstances surrounding her surrender, but it's obvious that her owner took good care of her. She is well-socialized with people, kids, and dogs. Bella has been good with small dogs and big dogs in her foster home. Bella is the name she's always known. Bella is crate trained and although not a fan of the crate she will tolerate it. Bella is house trained but she does mark when she is nervous. Bella is a large girl of 104 lbs. This girl is what guys would call "high maintenance." See Bella is going to be a bit pricey for her new family. She'll need a lot of food, her heartworm and flea meds will cost more, and she will need regular grooming. Bella needs a home that has AC in the summer for her and doesn't keep their house too hot in the winter. With her thick coat she gets hot easily. She would love a home that will let her enjoy the snow in the winter, as she loves it. Bella is showing some stiffness in her back legs or hip area so she will need joint supplements daily and possibly some arthritis medicine for it in the near future. Bella has one request of her adoptive family, they must like rabbits. Stuffed ones at least, because she comes with a roommate. A pink bunny that has been her best friend since she was a young pup. Bella Reena's adoption fee is $250. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. Please apply online for her at

Adoption fee: $200

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Gladys in an adorable little ball of fluff that is sure to brighten your days. She is a happy girl that has had approximately 7 years of experience at learning how to be an amazing little best friend. Gladys is house trained and will go to her bed when told to. She gets along great with other dogs and is the cutest when playing with her toys. Gladys is a wee bit portly and could use some help with shedding some of those excess pounds. At a whopping 25 pounds she LOVES food and therefore isn't crazy about steps but is learning they aren't so bad if you take just a few at a time. Are you a little hard of hearing? She is great at alerting people that someone is at the door. She can be a bit unsure of males as she seems a little on the under-socialized side. We believe Gladys is a poodle-dachshund mix and is a fun little lady. You may apply to adopt her at Her adoption fee is $175 and she is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $175

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Hogan has so much love to give and is ridiculously adorable to boot. Not only does this cute little 14 week old puppy love to run and play but he is a great cuddler that gives great hugs! Hogan's potty training is coming along nicely and he hardly has accidents at all. He only pees occasionally when he is not happy his people have left him in a room and he can't follow them as he prefers to be wherever his people are. He is wonderful in his crate and will even sit there waiting for a treat when he is told to go in. This highly intelligent boxer mix is loves a good routine. He's already grasping "sit" and "come" very well! He's still working on "stay" and hasn't quite gotten "shake" but appears to be highly trainable. He is even pretty good on a leash. Hogan loves playing with other dogs and responds well to the cat's warnings. He needs dog friends that understand puppy nibbles though and will teach him what is okay and not okay during playtime. Hogan really loves to be near his people and would love someone who is patient and kind and has an endless amount of hugs, kisses, and cookies to give him! You may apply to adopt Hogan at His adoption fee is $225 and he will be vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before adoption.

Adoption fee: $225

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