Interested in our rescue dogs? The process of adopting a dog from us is simple. 

  1. Browse our Adoptable Dogs list.
  2. If you see one you’re interested in, click the button to apply for that dog.
  3. We will process your application.
  4. After you are approved, we will schedule a time for you and the dog to meet each other!
  5. In the event that you don’t choose the dog after all, you will still be an approved adopter and able to schedule other Meet & Greet sessions.

Our rescue is an all (unpaid) volunteer organization. For each application we receive it takes us approximately 3 hours to review, contact all personal and veterinary references, and make a decision on approval of it. Depending upon volunteer availability, this can take us several days to accomplish, especially when we receive many applications or if we have difficulties reaching references. Your patience is appreciated!

Meet Our Adoptable Dogs!


Single, Lovable, Female looking for Companion and Best Friend. Harlowe isn't picky when it comes to love. She is interested in singles, married couples, and even families with older kids. Harlowe enjoys taking walks, going on car rides, kayaking, swimming, and just hanging out. She is amazing at sharing the covers, at helping you watch your calorie intake by taking care of your left over pizza crust, and letting you binge watch what you want to watch on Netflix... even when it isn't what she would have chosen. Harlowe walks well on the leash, knows several commands, is house broken, crate trained and one of the biggest lovers ever. Harlowe is looking for that special home where she can receive all the attention she wants and not have to share it with other dogs... unless it is a puppy... and then she will make an exception. Harlowe is a 5 & 1/2 year old Pit Bull mix and has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed, and is heartworm negative. Harlowe's adoption fee is $150. To meet Harlowe and learn more about our adoption process, go to

Adoption fee: $150

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Sweet senior Merlin deserves to have a comfy home and a gentle, loving touch for whatever time he has left. At 12-14 years old... he just wants chew on a bone, take short walks (even just around the yard), and have a soft place to lay his head. Merlin does have some pain in his hips, so he isn't interested in playing with rowdy dogs or little kids and they may hurt him and cause him to be snappy. He doesn't do a lot of steps well and tries to hold it but has an accident occasionally when he can't get out soon enough... poor guy. This Beagle also has a couple of fatty tumors that can't be removed and all we want is to find him a home where he can be kept comfortable to live out his remaining months or years. We believe it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved them at all. Are you willing to give Merlin the love he so desperately needs and deserves? Merlin's adoption fee is $50 and you can go to to apply for him. Merlin is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and is heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $50

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Mufasa is a gentle yet wise and trusting senior that is looking for a low key life of napping and being pet. This10 year old Chow Chow mix is understanding and level-headed with both the canine and feline variety... after all [the] "Brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble". Mufasa walks well on a leash, and is housebroken. This friendly fella may not see or hear the best but is well balanced and gets around quite well. Mufasa thrives with routine and humbly enjoys just hanging out with his people. If you have a low energy house and want a low energy dog, Mufasa would love to spend the final years of his circle of life with you! You can apply to adopt Mufasa at His adoption fee is $100 and he is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $50

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Maverick is an awesome pup that loves life to the fullest! He loves kids and people and will cuddle up next to them when it is time to rest. Maverick follows directions well and listens to corrections easily. Even being a 11 month old puppy, he has amazing manners. This handsome fella sits quietly, waits, and is house trained. He likes his crate and has done great learning leash skills and how to keep all 4 paws on the floor. He has also learned to trust that there is plenty of food, bones, and love for everyone. Maverick is thought to be a Boxer/English Bulldog mix and has gone through puppy boot camp in his foster's home. It has been found that Maverick has a high prey drive so small dogs, cats, and other small animals are not good for him to live with. Maverick is choosy about his dog friends so he would prefer to be an only dog. While Maverick is great with his manners and thrives on routine, he will need someone who has a leader like personality that will continue to work with him so he does not forget what he has learned. Maverick needs a yard of his own to go potty in. He needs a home where there are no neighboring dogs living close as seeing dogs is very upsetting for him. He is not a dog that will do well being walked in neighborhoods where dogs and cats will be around. Maverick is easy to fall in love with and only wants a home to call his own! You may apply to adopt him at His adoption fee is $200 and he is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $200

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Sweet old man Gunner is a loving dog that craves attention and is good with both dogs and kids. Because of his mobility issues, at one point Gunner was considered a Hospice Foster. He is doing so well he got promoted to ADOPTABLE! Gunner loves to take walks and this has improved his health quite a bit. It is still possible he will need a hind leg wheel cart when he gets older so he can continue to do what he loves, but for now he just keeps getting stronger! He still has issues with steps but can do up to 3 at a time. He also occasionally marks things with his manly scent... but we hope this is because he is yet to be neutered. Gunner has muscle atrophy and neuropathy that he will need to continue to take pain medicine for... but he is a expert cuddler that loves to be near his people. He will look deep into your heart and make you feel as loved as you love him! You may apply to adopt Gunner at He is approximately 10 years old and a shepherd mix. His adoption fee is $50 and all our dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and heartworm tested before adoption.

Adoption fee: $50

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Sawyer has many talents including speed tail wagging, burrowing under the covers, and self back scratching. He is a low maintenance kind of dude that is both house and crate trained and enjoys attention but isn't terribly needy. Sawyer likes to go for rides in the car and is pretty good on a leash. He co-exists well with other dogs but isn't a rough play group kind of guy. Sawyer can be a bit moody at the vet... but who can blame him after all he went through to have an abscess drained and removed. He is cool getting a bath though and now that he has been cleared by the doctor, he will be going out on some socialization trips. He probably wouldn't do all that well with kids since he can be particularly moody if he feels someone is trying to hurt him. This 9ish year old Jack Russell Terrier mix is a little set in his ways and often insists things go as he likes. As long as you want to give him attention when he says so... he's cool... otherwise he can be a bit of a pouter. Sawyer is so cute and will adorably do a happy wiggle on his back if you tell him he is the one for you! Sawyer's adoption fee is $100 and you may apply to adopt him at He is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $100

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Stella is super sweet and wants to be near her people all the time. This fun girl is great at cuddling and loves to be the little spoon. Stella prefers an active lifestyle and is ready to go go go. She loves riding in the car and she’d be a great running buddy, hiking partner, or sidekick on your next adventure. She knows Sit and Come and is very smart. Belly rubs and chin scratches are her favorite. Though Stella can be a little shy at first, once she loves you she will always be by your side. Stella would best be suited for a house with kids 12 and older since little ones can be a bit cray-cray. Stella is still learning where to potty and where not to but is almost there! She is learning to like her crate but prefers to be wherever her person is. Stella would be best as an only dog in her home as she wants all the attention and toys to herself and thinks cats where put on this earth to chase. She is also still learning that all 4 paws belong on the floor so will needs an owner that is willing to work on that with her. Stella loves your attention and likes to play and explore. So much so... that if she doesn't get to go on a walk with her person... she just might decide to go on a walk-about all by herself. This former door dasher is a quick learner and now knows how to sit for the door and wait for permission to go out. We do recommend a tall fence though. Stella a 5 year old Labrador Retriever and is full of fun and snuggles and learning new things every day! You may apply to adopt her at Her adoption fee is $200 and she is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and has been treated for heartworm.

Adoption fee: $200

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Violet is super sweet, loves people and is fearless! She is always exploring and not afraid to climb up on things despite being blind as a bat. She navigates very well from room to room and hardly bumps into a thing... well unless she smells food... then she gets a little excited. Violet uses her sense of smell to get her close to you when you are eating but respectfully waits to receive. She can even find the front door in a 1 acre fenced in yard. Violet is so very smart and when we say smart we mean if dogs could have an IQ... she would be considered a genius. In less than a day she learned she would get attention only if she was sitting. Violet is also house trained and very trusting on her leash and will follow you anywhere. She is so well behaved she doesn't even require a crate but is crate trained anyway. This 6 year Boxer mix likes all people so far and has better social skills with other dogs than most seeing dogs by not being bossy but also not submissive/fearful. Violet may be blind, but she is very confident, loving, and has a great personality. She loves to be near her people and will let her people know she misses them by making the cutest little wookie sound. Because of the possibility of wandering off, Violet will need a fenced yard or always be on a leash. She is pretty good on a leash but learning skills for when she gets excited. Generally speaking blind/deaf dogs and little kids don't mix well so we suggest a home without kids. NO cats. Could Violet be the super sweet, cuddly girl that really wants to love and be loved. You may apply to adopt Violet at Her adoption fee is $150 and she is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $150

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Punkin is as cute as a button and would love a lap to warm on these cold winter nights. This sweet senior came to us horribly matted and in desperate need of a dental. He is now a happy, clean, toothless cuddle-bug that likes to wear sweaters, snuggle, and take naps. He loves nothing more than to be near his people. Punkin gets along with dogs of all sizes but isn't a fan of cats... especially the ones that like to strut their stuff like they are the king or queen of the house. Punkin has the occasional accident but will tell you he is sorry with his cute little uh-oh bark. Punkin can't wait to cuddle up with you and give you all the affection he has to offer. You may apply to adopt this adorable 12ish year Yorkshire terrier at He is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative. His adoption fee is $125.

Adoption fee: $125

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Abigail is begging someone to save her from her foster home where her foster mom dresses her constantly in sweaters and tutus. She is a very sweet fox hound that is easy going, loves to play with toys and other dogs as well as chew on nylon or antler bones. Abigail knows how to sit and will go into her her crate when told to when her people have to leave. She prefers to be where her people are when they are home though. Abi is house trained and doesn't chew or destroy anything. Abigail is very smart and has mastered the doggy door in record time or will bark when she has to go out to potty. She will also go right to her bed when her foster mom tells her it is time to go night-night. Abigail does not bark when the neighbor's dog barks but will bark and howl at animals in her yard. She also will chase any squirrel, bunny, or critter so a 5ft or higher fence is a must. Being only a year old she is still learning to sit for the door and that food on the counter does not belong to her. Due to her coming to us so thin... she can get a bit upset if someone tries to take her food away from her. Abigail is excited to learn leash skills and is hoping you will be the one to teach her. You may apply to adopt Abigail at Her adoption fee is $200 and she is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $200

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Rowan is a very sweet and affectionate 1 year old girl who loves to have her belly rubbed and give kisses. She enjoys outings in the car to the pet store and is a wonderful loose leash walker who is easily corrected. Rowan is great in her crate and knows not to potty there though she will occasionally whine to let her people know she misses them at night. She has her polite begging skills perfected as her puppy dog eyes quietly persuade you to give her something when you are all done. Rowan is very smart and know sit, lay down, and is currently learning shake. This fun girl loves to play with other dogs and toys (just not the fluffy ones as they are demolished in 10 seconds). An active family with herding breed experience would be perfect for her! As with most Australian Cattle Dogs, Rowan has herding and nipping instincts that must be kept in check so that they do not escalate too far. She is also learning to keep all 4 on the floor and where to potty and where not to. Rowan seems to enjoy kids but may try to herd them so older kids or a family with herding breed experience is recommended. Rowan is absolutely amazing and is going to be a great friend! Rowan's adoption fee is $250 and you may apply to adopt her at She is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Adoption fee: $250

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Jozie is a super loving and very cuddly girl. She is both crate and potty trained, sits, and doesn't even bark. When she has to go out to potty she will politely whine at the door to tell you she needs to go out. Jozie does well with a kinds of people and loves to play with other dogs... but can be a bit too much for smaller dogs as she has watched a bit too much WWE and needs friends more her size. We believe Jozie is around a year old and is ready to play whenever you are, or happy to lay around and nap. She would love an active family that will play with her often and keep her life interesting. This beautiful Labrador Retriever girl is available for adoption at She is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $250.

Adoption fee: $250

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