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Meet Little Luna as she is affectionately referred to. We pulled this super scared little dog out of a shelter a few weeks ago. We believe she is 8-10 years old and a papillion/chihuahua mix. We believe her to be a puppy mill momma dog who was probably let go when she stopped producing well. This lack of socialization for so many years left her with a big fear of people especially with hands coming near her. After months of work in her foster home Luna is doing much better. Once she got used to a leash we found that Luna loves to walk. This little dog can walk for miles and not get tired. She truly enjoys walking. She has also relaxed enough to enjoy running with the dogs in her foster home. She currently shares her foster home with big, small, old, and young dogs and does great. She is 90% housetrained. She does occasionally have accidents and usually picks a rug because it's like a puppy pad. We feel a home with a fenced in yard is best as if she gets spooked her instinct is to run. We also don't think a home with small children would be a good idea as any kind of grabbing, picking up or chasing would only further her fears. Luna does need to go to a home with a dog who is well socialized to help her continue her working on her issues of fear. Luna is considered special needs due to her behavior issues and has some added requirements because of this. Luna’s requirements will be: • She will need a dog companion who is balanced, confident, socialized, and willing to allow her to snuggle with them. This is very important to Luna’s happiness. She needs the help of a confident dog to help her continue her personal growth and a buddy to sleep with. This buddy can be large, small, old, young, male or female. However, she will not tolerate a youthful dog trying to play with her. • Her adopters will need to be willing to get the professional help of a behavior consultant to learn how to continue her growth, if they are not able to help her. • Luna must be allowed to go outside to potty and not forced to potty in the house. Luna is mostly house trained and wants to potty outside. It is very upsetting to her to have to potty inside. If out of her crate she needs to go out every 3 hours, but will hold it in her crate up to 8 hours. • Luna cannot live in a home with children under the age of 12. • Luna will need to wear a leash all of the time she is not in a crate until she has bonded with her new family. Reason being that her first instinct when scared is to run, no leash will make it difficult to catch her and she won’t return to you before she has bonded with you. Even in the home she can hide easily and if you have to “catch” her or “trap” her to get her you will only be adding to her fear of you. • Adopter’s will need plan to have at least one 2 hour training session with Luna and her foster mom who is a trainer/behavior specialist at the foster mom’s home. There may possibly be a second training session. Both training sessions are free to potential adopters. She lives more than an hour SE of the Dayton area. • Luna will require a fenced in yard. Adopters need to understand: • That she will need time to enjoy being petted by her new family. There is no way to know how long this will take. She may never like being picked up or carried. She may or may not learn to snuggle with people. There is no way to know for sure if this will ever happen. • That she does not respond to commands or listen very well and to expect this behavior until there is a strong bond between them and her. • That she may go through separation anxiety from being removed from her foster mom. • That she may regress some once living in a new home. The only way to move past that is to work with her daily. Luna's adoption fee is $200 and you can fill out an application on our website at http://pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs/

Adoption fee: $200

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Tucker is an approximately 10 year old Chihuahua, Rat Terrier mix. He is a fantastic little guy - he is pretty chill and loves to cuddle, but he also has a lot of energy left to play! He does great with other dogs and is friendly to everyone he meets. He is house and crate trained. When we pulled him from the shelter, a lot of his teeth were rotten, so we had dental work done for him and now he feels great! Tucker is neutered, heartworm negative, vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $150 and you can fill out an application on our website at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs. This little guy has lots of years ahead of him and deserves a fantastic home to spend that time in!

Adoption fee: $150

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Meet Farrah. This little lady has been on the run. Why? No one knows... Even she can't remember why she started running to begin with. When she was rescued from the streets she was afraid of a leash, crates, and didn't trust people. Slowly she's learning people aren't so bad. She really likes to be around other dogs and they help her feel comfortable. With people, it takes her a little while to warm up to each new person. She is still learning to trust all those crazy hands coming at her. After all... lots of people tried to grab her when she was on the loose... and she didn't know if they were there to help or hurt her. She's heard that she'd be the perfect lap dog if she just liked laps. But that's going to take some time. It's awesome how far she's come already though. She walks on a leash pretty well. She is crate trained and prefers to potty outside but she is puppy pad trained as well. If you want to pet her just go slowly so it doesn't freak her out. Farrah is looking for someone who is patient, understands little dogs, is okay that she might not always want to cuddle, and has another dog for her to play with. Little kids living in the home are not recommended since they don't always go slow and often don't pick up on when a dog is uncomfortable. Adjustment time in her new home may take seveal weeks or even months. She's only about 10 pounds and around 2 years old and she just knows the right person is out there for her! Farrah's new person must have a heart for a little dog that once felt very lost, afraid, and alone. She just wants someone who will let her be who she is and not push her too hard or too fast so that she can be the little love bug that she's meant to be in her own time. A fenced in yard would be good for her. Farrah’s adoption fee is $150. You can apply to adopt Farrah on our website at http://pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs/ The adoption process begins with an approved application before moving on to a meet-n-greet.

Adoption fee: $150

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Mulan is approximately 8 years old and is a breed of hairless dog (possibly Xolo or Chinese Crested). She currently lives with two fur brothers and does great with them. She is crate trained and is also house trained. She actually now uses a doggie door to go in and out on her own :) This unique little girl has both an appearance and a personality to match! She is very friendly with people and loves to play. She still has a lot of spunk left in her!! Mulan is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $200 and you can fill out an application on our website at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

Adoption fee: $200

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Lin is an approximately 10 year old mixed breed. Yes, she is hairless, but don't panic, she is supposed to be that way!! The vet believes she is at least part hairless breed, such as Chinese Crested or Xolo. Lin was found in a cemetery in Kentucky, dumped with another hairless dog, who we also rescued. She appears to have lived a HARD life, but she is still very sweet. She had many medical issues we had to work to overcome, such as a large tumor on her foot, dental work, unaltered, a variety of eye ailments, and worst of all, she was heartworm positive. Lin is now in tiptop shape and is completely ready for her new home. The only ongoing care she will need is eye drops for chronic dry eye....and lots of sunscreen. She would love to be the only dog in her new home, so she can be treated like the princess she is. She is house trained and crate trained. Lin has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for heartworm. Her adoption fee is $150 and you can fill out an application on our website at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

Adoption fee: $150

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Sienna is a 9-10 month old chocolate lab/pit mix who is as sweet as they come. This angel had a rough start in life by living in a home where she was not valued for the precious girl she is. We cannot begin to understand why because this girl loves everyone!!! She is great with people, including kids, and she LOVES other dogs. In fact, she loves them so much, we are asking any potential adopter interested in her to please have another dog to keep her company. Sienna is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $250 and you can fill out an application on our website at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

Adoption fee: $250

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Blackie Chan

Blackie Chan is a charming old man looking for his retirement home. This 10-year-old blind man made a temporary home under a porch in town. After he was there for 3 days, the dog warden was contacted. The shelter then reached out for rescue help as Blackie Chan's odds were stacked against him. Blackie Chan is a larger sharpei weighing in at 60 lbs. He is house trained and loves people. He doesn't mind children who don't bother him much except maybe the occasional pet. We do think he shouldn't live in a home with small children though. He is good with dogs but does not want any young whippersnappers playing with him. As many sharpei's do, he has chronic dry eye. This means he will need eye medicine for the rest of his life. These meds are not expensive and he stands calmly while you put them in. Most likely these constant eye infections are the reason he went blind. Blackie would do best in a home that would allow him free roam of the whole house. Since he is bling it makes him very nervous to be crated or kept in one room. Blackie chan likes to spend his days sniffing around the yard, eating, sleeping and receiving a little love. Blackie Chan should have a fenced yard so e doesn't wander off. He likes to sun himself and walk all over the yard. He does not need a lot of exercise other than a few daily outings in th yard. You should research the breed if this would be your first sharpei. Blackie Chan's adoption fee is $125.

Adoption fee: $125


What can we say about this handsome boy? Well we know that he is very sweet with people and kids. He all ready knows sit and walks well on a leash. He was a shelter favorite and had many fans come to say goodbye to him when he was pulled. He is house trained and crate trained. He's been a good boy with the dogs he has met. He's quiet and just wants to hang out with you. He's roughly about a year old. Zane would easily fit in any household. He could live with other dogs or be the only one. He could live with kids or just love on them when they visit. Zane's adoption fee is $200. You can fill out an application for him at www.pawpatroldatyon.com/adoptable-dogs

Adoption fee: $200

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This approximately 10 year old chihuahua mix recently found himself at the shelter after his owner passed away. Uno obviously got his name from his adorable look with only one eye and he does have very limited vision out of it. He may also have limited hearing Uno appears to be house trained and crate trained. He loves to cuddle with his person and does fine with the other dogs. He also loves blankets! Because of his limited vision, we feel Uno would do best in a home with no small children. Uno is vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm negative, and neutered. His adoption fee is $125 and you can fill out an application for him at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

Adoption fee: $125


Say hello to sweet sugar Kane! Ok so actually his name is just Kane, but darn he's so sweet that sugar kane really fits! Kane was one of our pit puppies from last year. He was adopted but unfortunately it did not work out for him. So he's back, looking for his forever home again at 1 year old. Kane is a timid fellow so he will be looking for an easy going person or family to show him that life isn't as scary as he thinks. He's only been with his foster family for one night and he's all ready doing very well. Kane is the ultimate follower. He never wants to lead. He is house trained and crate trained. His first night in a new home and he was very quiet in his crate. We were told he didn't walk on a leash but his foster family has had no problems getting him to walk on a leash. We were told he didn't like men but his foster family has seen the same timidness out of him towards men, women, and kids. It really only takes him a couple of minutes to warm up and let you pet him. Kane does need some socialization by getting out and meeting new people. He is good with people, kids, and dogs. I would imagine with his personality he will be fine with cats too. Kane would probably do best in a home with a confident friendly dog to help him see he has nothing to worry about from people. While he waits for his perfect family his foster family will work to help him overcome his fears and learn to relax and be a young dog again. Kane is all ready neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his shots. He is available for adoption at this time. His adoption fee is $175. You can apply for Kane on our website at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

Adoption fee: $175


Mindi is about nine years old, but no one told her that. She is a playful little bundle of love who just wants to be with her people. Mindi loves to be petted. Her favorite place to hang out when nothing is happening is her crate or the top of a sofa or chair where she can observe her world. She lives with other dogs and a cat and gets along well with all of them. Mindi is a happy little girl who trots around the house wagging her tail and looking up at you with her big eyes. She's a Maltese or a Maltese mix. Her coat is still a little thin but is improving quickly. She's an adorable little sweetheart in every way! Mindi is spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative and microchipped. Mindi's adoption fee is $175 and you can fill out an application on our website at www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs.

Adoption fee: $175

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Say hello to Kona! She is believed to be close to a year old and is a Great Dane mix. We think she may be mixed with boxer, but we can't say that for sure. She is a little timid but loves people. If she had a theme song, it would be, Where the People Are, from The Little Mermaid. She loves to lay on the bed. She loves to go in her crate, but is a stuffed anything destroyer so best to stick with stuffless toys. Kona is house trained and gets along with dogs and cats. This lovebug has never met a stranger, is very playful, a quick learner, and very affectionate. She just loves to be with people. She still needs to learn some basic obedience and her leash walking skills. Kona is vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm negative, and spayed. She's a large puppy looking for love. If you would like to add Kona to your family go to www.pawpatroldayton.com/adoptable-dogs and fill out an application for her. Her adoption fee is $300. Our adoption process begins with an online application. Once your application is approved you will be contacted for a meet-n-greet in order your application was received.

Adoption fee: $300

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Libby is a wonderful girl. She is very loving and wants to be with a family. Libby doesn't seem to have had a family who worked with her. She has a lot of extra energy because of this and has to be taught that not everything should be done at full speed. Libby is a sweetheart and wants to only make you happy and proud of her. She will need an active family who understands that her working dog breed comes with a lot of needs to keep her a well-behaved family member. She loves training and takes to it easily with a consistent and patient leader. She is a super smart girl with very good problem solving skills. She may be smaller than the average German Shepherd but she is all shepherd and comes with all their natural instincts. She can be good with dogs with the proper slow introduction. At least until she learns that "giving her all" is not the best way to say hello. She is good with kids but we believe she would do best in a home with kids elementary age and older. Due to her excited nature at this time. She is house trained, crate trained, and getting better on the leash.She will not be up for adoption until she is vetted and applicants will be carefully screened to be sure she finds just the right home for this special girl. Libby will have to be well-trained to be able to stay inside a fenced area as she can jump/climb a 6 foot fence. Shepherd experience would be preferred.

Adoption fee: $250

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